Welcome to S.V.P.C.

The Volunteer Police Cadets scheme is open to young people aged 14-17 living in Stevenage and will give you the chance to experience the full spectrum of policing within Hertfordshire, while carrying out fundraising challenges. You will also take part in many projects aimed at breaking down barriers between the police, young people and the wider community, while working towards gaining a certification & qualifications.

Stevenage Police Cadets are taught basic knowledge in a variety of policing activities and the law gaining an insight into road traffic collisions, first aid, officer safety, conflict management, the caution, and stop & search powers.


The scheme aims to give young people a chance to express their feelings on policing issues and to make a positive contribution to their community.  Cadets will follow a programme where they will develop their skills, experience a variety of activities, make new friends, improve self-esteem and confidence and achieve a nationally recognised qualification.